Picture book "A new cafe" (11-15)
To introduce Earth Language easy symbols in our living

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A new cafe (11) February 2017, Details of the interior

Here are some more retro examples. A large analog clock, which I like, on the wall looks like made of leftover floor material.
The bathroom mirror also has the same finish for the frame.

(12) February 2017, The second floor

I could carefully climb up onto the second floor, and saw some meeting room doors,
and large windows. From there, one could see everything in my garden!

As you see here, "place-base" is included to make all kinds of symbols related to places.
Symbols of various Places

(13) March 2017, The bar table and chairs

Last time, I couldn't sit on the tall bar stool because of my back condition,
but I could make it for this time to watch my neglected early spring garden across the city street.

(14) March 2017, Foods

I think the mild taste sauce onto sandwich or rice is a characteristic of this shop.
General EL symbols are for the concepts as combinations of natural basic meanings.
For example, here, A bread is expressed by a symbol as wheat-flour-product combination,
but noodle and pancake can also be expressed with the same combination.
For more distinguishing these products, you add another characteristic symbols
before or after the symbol depending on the modification way.
Also, you can create a unique abbreviation for a special occasion.

Symbols of various liquids/drinks are here

(15) March 2017 The cafe owner (The end of this series)

When I visited there first time, the owner, Missy recognized me as the front house woman.
I was not surprised because I have seen no other woman walking with two canes around here,
also this room has a lot of eyes (room-eye = window in EL) to see the front house and garden.
But she was wondering who was Earth Language (the creator of this series),
earlier I had gotten her permission to take photos for Facebook though.

These camellia branches were from our tree garden on the other side. (end)

*EL has its own efficient phonetic system, too, separately from the definition system.
About the EL Phonetic brackets
The consonant table

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the symbols.
These symbols are tentative ideas, you can join for betterment of the EL dictionary.

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