Earth Language as a method for Global Change

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The Change

Most people on earth seem to be seeking change now. What is the change? It must be to become a sustainable world. The global economic crisis now is the result of competing to win more wealth and power, structuring a pyramid with a balance-scale. A sustainable human society must form a globe gathering sympathies and cooperation from all. How can we change the structure? The Internet is an essential method for it; but would not be enough.

The common peace mark was made of the sign for "Stop the war (on the left)." But real peace must be continuous harmony of the world where everyone acts around the globe (the right EL symbol is for that kind of peace). As long as using and spreading armaments to stop a war or to support an economy, instability would continue forever.

I think it needs spreading another gentle method for systematically harmonizing the world with hope. Earth Language (EL) is my proposal for that purpose: EL is a kind of common auxiliary language: a new thinking and communication method to help in ways a traditional language can't. The global world now badly needs a clear future vision and hope, also an easier way to work together from anywhere. The process of developing EL worldwide together would be a big step to harmonizing the world and getting through the economic crisis. Let me explain about the EL capability. 

Features of Earth Language (EL)

1. The EL bases are not sounds, but visually understandable symbols based on nature and common elements of human senses. Everyone takes meanings directly from the symbols reading one's own language, just like reading 1+2=3 now. Visual bases hardly change in different times and locations.

E.g. Ideogram Bases:
(nature) (water) (plant) (way)

2. The basis has a simple shape, and the bases-overlaid system makes almost unlimited symbols, showing the meaning of the total shape as a picture or the combination of meanings (or functions) of its elements.

E.g. Compounded-symbols formed by the bases in (1):
(rain) (tree) (stem) (trunk) (bulb) (water supply route)

3. EL phonetics shows the mechanism to pronounce only a sound without any meaning. This system helps to correctly pronounce all languages, proper names and vocal performances.

Phonetic Bases:
(the lips shape; [p]: bilabial plosive) (the flat tongue shape; [t]: alveolar plosive)
(symbolizing the air directly going up; nasal sound), (fricative), (glottalic ingressive)

Compounded-phoneme symbols formed by the above bases:
[m]: bilabial nasal, [n]: alveolar nasal, : voiceless alveolar fricative (th sound of "throw"),
: bilabial/[p]-lips fricative, : bilabial glottalic ingressive, : alveola glottalic ingressive

4. The syntax is clear, although it's flexible for the sequence of parts of a sentence. It was set for comfortable writing/hand-signing together with one's mother tongue. Also there are extra brackets to arrange information for classifications, abbreviations, also to make logos and personal symbols, etc.

E.g. Classification bracket
(the bracket to classify the concept of the following symbol)
(the symbol to show that the next symbol is a name of 'tree')

5. EL has multi-methods for each basis, such as the vocal sign (a-syllable-name of basis), the hand sign (basis-shaped hand or drawing a basis in the air) and more applications. These ways hold the bases memory in one's body, and accordingly to the condition, one can choose a suitable communication way.

Potential Effects by spreading EL

# It protects all traditional languages and cultures from lapse or distortion.

# It integrates world communications, sweeping away walls between languages and peoples.

# The users always have two different perspectives from their own traditions and from nature, with the consciousness to be both local and global residents. They come to respect nature and each other's uniqueness; and by and by lose the reason to call on terror.

# An EL message can be read by people in far countries or by far descendants, so the users try to get longer views.

# When ordinary people use EL signs to communicate with foreigners, deaf people also are equal to them. When blind people use the EL raised font print, everyone can read or make it too. Also the multi-method system works like communication insurance for anybody whenever in a sudden disability. Meditation exercises with EL body-signs works for one's health.

# EL is an intentional new tool for all kinds of new creations {graphic/vocal arts, patterns, dances with meanings,  poems, literatures, etc.) and self-healing. An accidental overlay of bases might be a good hint concept for a future discovery. So without natural resources or much money, it can create unlimited businesses and products, starting with EL-developing/learning tools/games.

# Those potentialities give everybody hope for the future. Also they can share their wisdom for the sustainable world. By the degree of EL usages, they save much energy and materials for translations, education, welfare, medication, armament, and so on.

The EL website shows all about EL with many sample usages and translations. The details are waiting for verification from various fields. Why don't you download the EL Font to join in changing the world?

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